Using This Viral Site To Build An Internet Business And Make Passive Income

You can’t have a viral website if you don’t have a unique product that people want to share with friends and family.

There are multiple ways to make money online. You can work hard to create a product that makes you money over and over again. Or you can build a website that creates a passive income stream. I’ve tried them both, and honestly, passive income is much more lucrative. Today, I’ll show you how you can create your own viral website with the same method I used to create CandyBar.

Advanced Internet marketers and Internet business owners are always looking for ways to make residual income. Most of us have a few websites that we promote that will hopefully bring in a nice chunk of change each month, but very few of them will ever get to the point where money just keeps coming in. That’s what I wanted for my 5K a Month income website. I had seen sites that were doing this already, and it made me wonder if it was possible to get there myself.

Have you ever wondered how websites like BuzzFeed, the HuffingtonPost or Upworthy are so successful? If so, today I’m going to show you an easy way to build a viral site with thousands of visitors per day.

The making of a viral website (building the website and driving traffic)

I made a viral website that makes about $5000 a month. Here’s the story of how it happened, what challenges I faced, and how I overcame them.

A great viral website can generate a lot of traffic and revenue for your business. The key to making a viral website is to build it into something that people want to share and talk about. Build it on a platform that you own, and build the content around the content that you know will drive traffic and sales.

Here are some tips for building a viral website:

Build your site on a platform you own. Viral websites work because they’re built with content that people find valuable, and they’re built by someone who knows what they’re talking about. If you don’t have the expertise to build such a site yourself, hire others who do — or pay someone else to do it.

Build your site on a platform you own. Viral websites work because they’re built with content that people find valuable, and they’re built by someone who knows what they’re talking about. If you don’t have the expertise to build such a site yourself, hire others who do — or pay someone else to do it. Build an audience first. Before building your site, make sure you have an audience of people who will appreciate whatever you create (assuming it’s relevant). A viral website doesn’t start as an idea; it starts as an audience. That’s why choosing the right platform is critical; if there’s no audience there, there’s no way for your message to spread.

Before building your site, make sure you have an audience of people who will appreciate whatever you create (assuming it’s relevant). A viral website doesn’t start as an idea; it starts as an audience. That’s why choosing the right platform is critical; if there’s no audience there, there’s no way for your message to spread. Give them something worth sharing . Regardless of how good your idea is, if no one wants to share it with their friends, no one will ever share it online or in person — not even if you offer $20 in rewards just for doing

The challenge of making a viral website

This is a deep-dive into how I built a $5,000-month website that I use to promote my blog and provide consulting services. The first step to making a viral website is understanding what makes one successful. There are three elements: the content, the author and the audience. The content must be valuable, and it must be well-written. It’s also important to understand who your audience is before you begin. This might sound obvious, but so many people think they can build a viral website based on their personal interests or passions without first understanding their target market. The final element of a viral website is traffic. This will dramatically increase your chances of success if you can get quality traffic to your site, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll make money from it. The more traffic you get, the more money you’re likely to make with your website.

How I set out to make a viral site (and failed miserably)

So, why did my blog fail? Well it is because my blog lacked substance. And substance is what you need to go viral. Stay tuned for substance.

I had a goal of having a viral site that would make $5,000 per month. I built this site in 2011 and it did not go viral. How it happened: I wanted to build an ecommerce website. I had no idea what ecommerce was at the time. I knew that an ecommerce website would sell products on the internet. So I decided to combine blogging and ecommerce into one site. As my online experience grew, I learned how to drive traffic to my blog through social media marketing (SMM) techniques. “Social media marketing” is when you get people to come to your website by sharing things about you on different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or LinkedIn. This happens by creating content related to your industry and posting it on social media sites where people are friends with each other. It’s also known as “content marketing.” When I started developing my blog, I didn’t know how social media marketing worked, so I just went socializing whenever I felt like it. This is not a good idea since you need to have content that people want to read before they will share it with their friends. However, at first things were working out pretty well. People were sharing my posts on their Facebook pages and inviting me to join their Facebook groups (groups are groups of like-minded people who discuss something similar). While other bloggers were generating thousands of daily visitors, I was getting 15-20 visits per day from my blog which was great for me because it meant that people were reading my blog regularly enough that they wanted more stuff about me (and thus shared more). The problem was that the quality of the traffic wasn’t that good because most of the visitors were searching for information about me rather than interested in buying anything from me via my blog. They don’t really know much about me, but they’re always looking for something related to what they’re interested in, so they came across my blog through Google search results or through referrals

The final, finished product (really cool example)

“My website, which we built in 2 days, was featured in the Huffington Post and CNN and has been doing $5K a month since launch”

I decided to build a website after doing some research into what could be done with a viral website. I have been wanting to do this for a while now but have been waiting for the right idea. When it came to me, I wanted to make a website that was built with the intention of doing large amounts of sales within a short amount of time. In order to achieve this, I needed the following: A product that people want – I have been selling my own brand of organic baby wipes for a few months now and have had great success with them. People love the product and it is very popular. The reason I decided on baby wipes was because they are very easy to sell, don’t need much packaging or any other special products and can be sold in bulk without too many issues. All these factors meant that people would be able to buy from me easily and not need any extra products or packaging when they bought from me. A large amount of traffic – The more people who visit my website, the more sales I will make. To get more traffic on my site, I decided to try and get as many referrals as possible by using Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin groups/pages. This worked really well at first but in order for it to work properly, you need patience and time! After about 3 weeks in my page would receive 1000-1500 views per day which is great but obviously not enough to drive any real traffic (especially if you only use one social media platform). So after about 2 months I started working on another way of getting traffic on my site which is what will be explained further down the page!

If you want to make your own viral sites, here’s the inside scoop on how it’s done

If you want to make your own viral sites, here’s the inside scoop on how it’s done. With websites, social media can go viral really quickly. But you have to know what to do to make sure the site doesn’t just take off and then fizzle out. Here are some things that can help drive traffic to your website or blog:

  1. Make sure the title of the page is catchy. If your headline is interesting, people are more likely to click on it. The title should be unique, otherwise people may think it’s a duplicate site for another person or company.
  2. The first thing people will see when they land on your site should be something that draws them in right away. This is called a call-to-action buttons… The first thing they should see IS something that draws them in right away…
  3. Include relevant graphics (without spamming). People don’t want to see ads all over their pages; they’re there because they’re relevant to the brand or product that you’re advertising. If you don’t believe me, try it without any images at all and see what happens — people won’t click through!
  4. Add maps (to show where your business is located). People like maps, especially if they’re geographically relevant to where they live.
  5. Make sure your page has short paragraphs (less than 200 words). These work better for social media sites because they take up less space on the screen and are easier to read than longer paragraphs.
  6. Add an extra video if possible (not more than two). Videos are great for driving traffic because they encourage people to click through more often.
  7. Add links back to your homepage so that people can easily find what they’re looking for by clicking on one of those links, rather than having to scroll through the whole page first before finding it… Make sure your homepage links back, so people can easily find what they’re looking for…
  8. Make sure the background color

How I promote my viral website

How I promote my viral website

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I promote my viral website by sharing a link to it on social media, and I have a Facebook page with a following of over 3,000 subscribers. I also promote my website by sending out e-mails to those who have been referred from my blog to share the link with their friends as well as those whom they refer.

I send out an email every few days that contains a link to the blog post that’s been featured on my social media channels and a direct link to the website.

You see, it works the other way too. The more I promote the website, the more hits it gets and the more money I make. Moreover, if you don’t want your link shared on social media, you can’t do much about it. You can only control how many links you send out and which ones will be shared. So, if you’re thinking of making money from your blog through advertising, think again.

How I promoted my first website and made money without Google

I first came across this method of making money by advertising on Craigslist, but the success I had with this method was limited. It was only after I experimented with this method that I could see what was truly possible.

I wanted to make sure I used the best possible tactics for promoting my website. This is because if I’m not getting the results I want, it’s unlikely that other people will be able to replicate the success I have achieved.

Whenever you’re trying to promote a website, there are a lot of things you can do to help your cause, but one thing that has helped me out in the past is using Google Adsense for my website. The reason why I use Adsense is because it’s a way for people to earn money from their websites by placing content on them. When someone clicks on an advertisement, they are taken to your site or blog instead of being redirected to something else. As well as earning money from these advertisements, you can also gain backlinks from other websites which will help to increase your SEO visibility online.

To start using this method, you need to create an account on and then choose how much you want to display on your site or blog (I chose 1×1). After that, all you need to do is copy and paste the code into the HTML editor of your WordPress blog or website directory (make sure it’s the same address as your Adsense account) and then save it. Now you can click “copy” and paste it into any post or page within your blog (You can even use .widget areas if necessary), so it doesn’t matter where you place your code – just make sure you place it somewhere visible where people will see it when they browse through your site or blog / directory.

Make sure that when people click through these advertisements that they go straight to your landing

How I made $150K with long forms and mailers for other affiliate marketers

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This is the secret method for making $150K a month with long forms and mailers, this is how I did it.

It’s simple: you build a website that people find and share, and then you send them a message and ask them to subscribe. You keep sending messages until they subscribe to your list.

Let’s say you have 100,000 subscribers. Each time someone signs up on your list, you get $10 from the affiliate commission on each sale. If you need just one sale per second, that’s $2,500 per hour. You can multiply that by 8 hours a day, and we’re talking about $20,000 per day — not bad!

This is some of the stuff I recommend for making money:

  1. Build a website that collects email addresses and gets shared: This is the best way to make money on an affiliate program (Free Traffic Do It Yourself)
  2. Send them a message: Get their email address and tell them what they’re getting for FREE (email autoresponder). Here’s how I do it: My website has been doing great lately (since 8th of March). What happened? I sent out my first email autoresponder in my newsletter report on 10th February 2014. And it works! It generates traffic from Google search results, and they start to sign up in droves. The most amazing part is that I have access to my members’ emails whenever they want me to! So I can send them an instant reply whenever they have any question or issue with me or my services. And that’s how it works! You just have to throw the bait out there once in a while, so people will sign up for your email list. If they don’t expect something from you, they won’t even look at your site when you’ve got them in your hands with your hook in front of their face! That

How I built a profitable business with Amazon Associate that never had Christmas sales spikes like everyone else

If you want to know how I built a profitable business with Amazon Associate that never had Christmas sales spikes like everyone else, subscribe to my email list, or follow me on Social Media.

I have my own brand of content creation products called “The Content Empire” which I am selling on my website ( and am making them very profitable for me (and of course, I’ll show you exactly how to do it).

I was able to build this business by creating products that are far more valuable than the products that most people sell on Amazon. For example, I make 45 videos per month, which are all between 1-2 minutes long each (most people sell 30-60 minute video courses). My entire business runs off of affiliate sales; no one buys my products directly. This is why most people who try selling their products on Amazon fail. It’s really hard to get anyone who doesn’t already trust you to buy your product from someone they don’t know.

How I made residual income from my network marketing company (when others go broke trying to recruit)

If you have a small amount of traffic, getting a lot of quality clicks can be difficult. You need to ask your visitors to take action as well as give them a reason to do so. I got this idea from Jonathan Fenton, who is now a big name in the network marketing industry. He built his virality on the back of a website that had no ads and didn’t make any money. Here’s how it works: You create a website and spend some time building it up — you spend at least 2 hours designing and creating your site, and more if you want to make sure everything looks perfect. You don’t need much content on your site at first. If you want people to see it (and therefore click through), you need to get them to visit the site. To do that, I recommend using social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Make sure that you connect with influencers in your niche who have larger followings than you do, and share links to their posts on your own Facebook page and Twitter account so that they can promote your link and drive traffic to you. You need to be active on these accounts — at least once a week — so that people will start following you on each platform and continue to see what you share as new content. If they stop seeing new content from you, they might stop sharing new content as well. Once you have some traction with those platforms, try using Google AdWords or another PPC platform for paying for advertising on search engines like Google or Yahoo! The more traffic that lands on your website from search engine results, the better chance there is that someone will click through to the site, especially if they are looking for information about your niche topic.

How I earn passive income from training other people to use the skills that got me to where I am now

Your business might not be a viral sensation, but the skills you use to get there, like creating a website, building email lists or editing video can be used by others. You can build your own passive income by teaching people how to do the same for themselves.

One of my favorite ways is with an online training course. I’ve created many different ones over the years, and they’re all great at different things. Here are some of my most popular ones that have built up quite a following:

How I Make Money Online – This free training course teaches you exactly how I make money online in 5 steps with no technical skills required. It’s helped thousands of people earn more than $1,000 in monthly recurring revenue.

Google Adsense Mastery – This training course teaches you everything you need to know about Google AdSense in less than 2 hours. It shows you exactly what to put on your site to get approved with Google AdSense and how to make money with Google AdSense ads for less than $10 per month ($5 per month if you’re new to AdSense). Thousands of people have earned over $3,000 in monthly recurring revenue from this one free training course. Over 100k downloads!

E-mail Marketing Mastery – This training course teaches you everything you need to know about e-mail marketing in less than 2 hours. It shows you exactly what to put on your site so that your opt-in page gets lots of traffic and leads, and what anchor text to use so that your opt-ins get more clicks on your links. Thousands of people have earned over $2,000 in monthly recurring revenue from this one free training course too!

How I think about passive income from this site

Whenever you invest in a new business or website project, the most important question is how am I going to make money from this thing? I’ll try to explain my thinking and formula of how I make passive income from my own site (in this post), and how I will continue to make passive income even after the initial launch.

Increasing profits through efficiency

Here’s how I think about this from a business perspective. When I started the site, it earned me $450 a month from Google AdSense. That translated to roughly $4,000 a year in passive income. At that point, I could have either made the site more profitable or used the money to invest back into my business instead of spending it on things like rent and groceries. The decision was easy: I wanted to invest the money into making the site more valuable, so that it would continue to generate passive income off of Google Ads.

Answering questions from readers about how to start their own viral websites

Among my friends, I’m known as the guy who can always come up with an interesting question for a blog post. It’s not that I’m thinking of ideas beforehand; more than anything, I’m just constantly thinking about the best way to answer whatever question comes my way. For example, two days ago I was on my way to work when I got an email from a customer asking me about how to start his own viral website.

The idea was compelling enough that I sat down and wrote a post about it right then and there.

I think this kind of approach is what makes my content so compelling. There’s a constant stream of new ideas coming at me all the time, and I’m constantly trying to figure out how best to present them to people who might find them useful or interesting or at least entertaining.

What I’ve learned from building a viral website, setting up email marketing, and promoting my site. Plus tips on being more efficient and ideas for your blog to increase your passive

I’ve been writing and blogging for more than a year and I’ve used my experience to make a little extra money by selling products on my blog and promoting my website.

Viral marketing is one of those things that is difficult to explain, but easy to see results from. It’s the idea that an audience will come to your site (and as a result, your blog) because it can’t help but notice the massive traffic influx you’re receiving. A simple example would be the “tiny house movement” where people find out about tiny houses and decide to go investigate one — often by visiting your blog or product page — and then decide they want one.

I’m going to share with you how I built a viral blog and what steps I took along the way. The hard work isn’t just in building your viral traffic — it’s in getting your audience to engage with you.

Use this New Marketing System to Build an Empire

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