The Top 20 Best Affiliate Marketing Networks

Digital marketers can choose from a variety of networks that have been tailored to fit various niches. Here you will find out the best affiliate marketing networks that are currently being used by digital marketer.

There are a lot of affiliate marketing networks out there, which makes it hard to separate the good ones from the bad ones. To save you time, I’ve compiled a list of the top 20 best affiliate marketing networks. Hopefully this post will save you a lot of time and trouble when choosing an affiliate program to promote your products and services.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest way to start making money online. You do not need to create your own product. You do not need to build any list. And you can earn commission with free traffic, paid traffic or even without paying anything. I’m sure that at least you know someone who is earning money through affiliate marketing and if that happens that you’re here reading this post, maybe it’s time for you to get involved.

Affiliate marketing is probably the easiest way to start making money from home. In short, it works like this:

You’ll get a unique affiliate link for each product that you decide to promote. When someone buys anything through your affiliate link, you will earn a commission on that sale. The good thing is that there are now many companies offering affiliate programs (also called associate programs) for anyone who’s interested in promoting their products online. That’s why I decided to create this list with 20 of the best affiliate marketing networks. These are all legitimate companies that offer good opportunities to make decent money by promoting other people’s products.

1. ShareASale

ShareASale is a large affiliate network with thousands of merchants and millions of products to choose from. They offer a wide range of payment options and flexible commission structures, and they also offer competitive affiliate support. ShareASale has been around for over 15 years, has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and was one of the first affiliate networks to be certified as an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. ShareASale Features ShareASale offers a wide range of features that make it easy for you to manage your affiliate business. Here are some of the highlights: Easy-to-use interface – ShareASale has one of the best interfaces, making it easy for both publishers and merchants to navigate the site. The dashboard is simple and clean, offering a number of pre-built reports that make it easy to analyze your sales from one place. ShareASale has clearly labeled tabs for each type of user—merchants, affiliates, and affiliates managers—and each feature or report can be easily accessed from this dashboard. Shared management tools – ShareASale offers a number of shared management tools that allow you to easily share sales reports between you and your merchant. This can be helpful if you have multiple merchants using the same affiliate program –

2. BuilderAll

BuilderAll is a powerful cloud-based platform that you can use to create and sell digital products. With BuilderAll, designing and building your own products can be very easy. There are thousands of templates to choose from, and the software has automated features which make it simple for you to add videos and images into your project. When you’re done creating your product, you can sell it on your website or on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Additionally, if you prefer to outsource the design and building process, BuilderAll has a lot of options for hiring designers and developers. BuilderAll is actually a suite of tools on the same platform, so this review will focus on all of its features. Some features overlap with other software platforms such as ClickFunnels, but there are still some unique features here which may make BuilderAll more appealing than ClickFunnels. When comparing BuilderAll with ClickFunnels, one major difference is that BuilderAll is a software system which does a lot more than just landing pages and sales funnels. It’s capable of creating entire websites or online stores, which can then be used to sell products or services. So if you’re looking for a complete online marketing solution rather than just a landing page builder, BuilderAll may be a better solution.

3. ClickBank

ClickBank is a retailer of digital products, including eBooks, reports, software, movies and music. ClickBank allows its customers to purchase these items as well as various other items on-line using a simple shopping cart interface. For just about any niche that you are interested in, you will find that there are products available for sale on ClickBank. This is one of the most successful affiliate marketing networks available today. It has over 400,000 digital products available for sale to affiliates who want to promote them to their own audience of potential customers.

4. CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is an affiliate marketing platform that will help you maximize your profit. This platform will allow you to promote your product by using your own website, blog, social media sites, and more. You’ll be able to attract more customers and promote your brand. The more sales you gain, the more you’ll earn. It’s easy to get started with CJ Affiliate. To start, sign up for an account on the site. You can do this by going to and clicking “Sign Up”. After you’ve signed up for an account, you’ll need to create a campaign. Click “New Campaign” and fill out the information about your product or service that you want to promote. Once you’ve created your campaign, select your products from the available catalog of products. You can then customize the products with your own pricing and link for purchase. As soon as you’re ready to begin promoting your new product or service, pick a banner from the options available on the site or create one on your own if needed. Once this is done, you can share it on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, so others can see what’s being promoted and learn about it as well!

5. Amazon Associates

The Amazon Associates program grants you, the website owner, access to a unique set of tools to help you earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As an Amazon Associate, you can earn advertising fees when users visit your website through links on our site and buy products. The more products users buy in a single visit to your website, the higher the commission percentage you will receive. If you are interested in joining the Amazon Associates program, contact us for more information. Amazon Associates Disclosure References to third-party products, rates, or offers may be generated by AMZ Affiliate Network, LLC. This material is provided for educational purposes only and does not indicate an endorsement or recommendation of any product, service, or company. You should make your own independent judgment regarding any product, service or company referenced herein.

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6. eBay Partner Network

The eBay Partner Network is a global affiliate marketing program that gives you the tools and support you need to grow your business on eBay. If you’re just getting started, the eBay Partner Network offers an entry-level program, Express. It’s free to join, and once you become an eBay Partner, you’ll have access to free tools that will help you get set up, promote your items and track your sales. Once you sell your first item, we’ll pay you $1 per transaction. Tailored for retailers of all sizes, the eBay Partner Network gives you access to thousands of product listings across 20+ major verticals. And our tech experts are available around the clock to help grow your business on eBay. You can always consult with your account manager about how our various programs can help grow your business on eBay. But before you do so, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of our most popular programs: Partner Manager The Partner Manager is a free tool that helps sellers manage their accounts from anywhere in the world. From monitoring live traffic and sales to checking your inventory and tracking performance, the Partner Manager puts all of your account information at your fingertips.

7. FlexOffers

FlexOffers is an affiliate program that connects merchants with affiliates. The merchants are given access to the affiliate program through the FlexOffers platform. The FlexOffers platform provides tools to develop their own affiliate network, track sales and commissions, and provides customer support. FlexOffers was founded in 2008 by Scott Voelker. FlexOffers was developed as a way for affiliates to earn commissions by promoting products on different marketplaces like Amazon, eBay,, etc. The FlexOffers Affiliate Program helps you to promote offers from the leading ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon, Apple, Sears, Shopzilla and thousands more! FlexOffers Features: Affiliate Software – Intuitive affiliate management software designed to help you succeed! Affiliate Website – Professional design templates for your affiliate website Mobile-Friendly – Make money on the go with our mobile-friendly website builder Reports & Analytics – Track your performance with detailed reports & easy-to-use analytics tools Customer Service – Dedicated account managers who are there when you need them most! FlexOffers is an online marketing company with a unique approach to affiliate marketing. FlexOffers puts merchants in the driver’s seat by providing them with the highest converting software products. For years, FlexOffers has been developing and selling its own WordPress plugins. One of these WordPress plugins is the  Affiliate Link Cloaker , which allows you to create short links that send people to your offers, but then direct them through your affiliate link before they ever see the offer’s landing page. FlexOffers also creates a suite of other plugins, including WooCommerce extensions and plugins for other popular ecommerce platforms. These plugins have been installed on thousands of sites and have received rave reviews from our customers. In fact, we’ve received so many positive reviews that we’re unable to display all of them here!

8. Pepperjam

Pepperjam, an affiliate marketing network, is a terrific way to make money online. I joined this in 2012 after seeing the website and the products they were promoting. I was impressed by what I saw and decided to apply. I was accepted for membership and started making money in no time at all. Here’s my Pepperjam review in full, for anyone considering joining this program. Pepperjam is an affiliate marketing program that offers affiliates a place to advertise their products and services to other people that are members of the network. It is important to note that you will not be dealing with customer service or product delivery when you join this program. However, Pepperjam does provide you with a lot of tools and benefits that can really help your business grow and flourish, so you can earn more money through your affiliate links. Pepperjam provides its affiliates with links and banners that they can use to promote their products and services, so they can earn commissions from their own efforts. This is great because it allows you to advertise any products or services that you want on behalf of companies that you trust, love, or believe in. There are literally hundreds of companies that are represented here on Pepperjam, so there is plenty of opportunity for you to advertise anything of your heart.

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9. Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers a range of services to help clients generate leads and sales through digital marketing channels. Rakuten Marketing provides everything from targeting online customers with PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), to email marketing, graphic design and web development services. For small businesses looking to bolster their presence on the Internet or for large corporations seeking to improve their digital marketing strategies, Rakuten Marketing provides customizable solutions and expert advice. The company has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the nation by Inc. 5000 and has been named one of the top 10 digital agencies by Clutch, a research group for B2B buyers and sellers.* Rakuten Marketing also offers a variety of video production services such as corporate video, explainer video, product demo video, etc. for businesses who seek to spread brand awareness among potential customers.

10. AWIN

AWIN is an affiliate marketing network. The platform allows you to join various different affiliate programs under one roof. The affiliate marketing industry is highly competitive with many products offering similar services. As a result, the competition is fierce among affiliates for high paying offers that can generate significant sales. You can navigate through the AWIN platform by selecting the category of the product you want to promote. Each category has a different type of product available. For example, if you’re looking to promote e-commerce or information products, head over to the “online” category. If you are interested in promoting products related to health and beauty, head over to the “beauty” category. Once you’ve selected your desired category, use the filters provided to narrow down your search according to your preferred price range, number of sales per day, commission percentage and more. You can then further narrow down your selection by sorting products by popularity or relevance. Once you’ve found a product that meets all your requirements, simply click on it and follow the steps included in order to apply for it.

11. AvanGate

Avangate Affiliate Network is a global affiliate network that supplies the best e-commerce solutions for merchants and affiliates. Avangate Affiliate Network offers innovating tools to help affiliates grow their online business. Our affiliate program features products from over 75 top brands in the world. Each brand has its own unique affiliate program, which helps you earn commissions with your website, blog, social media accounts or newsletter. We do all the hard work for you, allowing you to focus on what you do best – create high-converting campaigns, drive traffic and make sales!

12. Maxbounty

Max Bounty is a new affiliate program which takes on the $10.000 challenge with their $10.000 Signup Bonus. When you sign up, you will receive $10.000 worth of banner ads for FREE. This is one of the most generous affiliate programs out there with their unique Double Payout system where they pay affiliates 30% on top of every sale you make plus an addition $1 for every unique visitor that signs up with your link. The simple-to-use system along with the powerful features and tools are what make Max Bounty stand out from the crowd. The intuitive website builder allows you to create your own site in minutes, allowing you to promote products in various categories (casino, dating, health etc.) or use their exclusive software within 24 hours. Maxbounty also has a dedicated Affiliate Manager who will assist you with any questions or concerns regarding your account, help you find new customers, visit your site and more! With Max Bounty you will never lose commission (max payout per sale is $5000) and there are no hidden costs or fees involved when it comes to payment, they also pay via PayPal once every week on Mondays.

13. Tradedoubler

Tradedoubler is one of the largest affiliate networks, with thousands of advertisers and affiliates. The company has offices in Europe, Asia, Australia and offices in ten US cities. Tradedoubler was founded in 1999 by Petter Borenstein, who served as its CEO until 2008. How it works: The concept of affiliate marketing involves selling someone else’s product or service with your own unique twist. With Tradedoubler you can apply to be an affiliate for any of their advertisers, which pay commission for new customer leads. When someone signs up using your referral link, you earn a pre-negotiated commission rate. To get started with Tradedoubler you need to create an account (or log in if you already have one). Then fill out your profile information and include any relevant experience, skills or industry expertise you might have. Once approved, you can browse the available offers from advertisers and apply to become an affiliate for them by clicking on the “Join Program” link. You’ll then need to provide a customised tracking link that will be used to track your referrals for that advertiser specifically. When someone clicks through your link, browses the advertiser’s website or makes a purchase, they are tracked as a referral from your account.

14. VigLink

VigLink is a service that helps content creators earn money from their content by linking to products from their blog. VigLink offers a variety of tools to help website owners and bloggers find just the right product to link to. VigLink works with bloggers who want to monetize their content through affiliate marketing. They make it easy for bloggers with no or limited e-commerce experience to become affiliates for major online retailers like Amazon, Tweak, HP, etc. VigLink’s affiliate program is free and simple; they do not require that you have your own shopping cart, or even your own website! You can simply link directly through VigLink using text links or images. VigLink works with both new and experienced bloggers. If you already have a website, you can sign up for VigLink’s affiliate program for free and start earning money right away! If you are looking for ways to create new or additional income streams, this may be something worth looking into. Once you sign up for their affiliate program, you will receive an access code so that you can start creating links immediately. You can also create custom links with VigLink if you want to create special offers that aren’t available through other affiliate programs.

15. JVZoo

JVZoo is a leading marketplace for digital products. The company was founded in 2011 and has since grown to be a global phenomenon in the digital marketplace industry, having sold an amazing $9,974,937 worth of e-commerce products and services through their platform in February 2015. JVZoo was founded in 2011 by veterans in the digital marketing and e-commerce industry who saw a need for a platform that would allow both novice and experienced marketers to test and monetize their business ideas quickly. JVZoo aims to serve as a bridge between suppliers and customers. It provides access to tools, training, tutorials, and marketplaces that enable entrepreneurs to turn their passion into profit without any technical or marketing skills. By providing the necessary tools needed to run successful online businesses, JVZoo empowers everyone with the ability to succeed and achieve financial freedom. They take pride in providing users with the best training available, so they can help them utilize their skills and abilities to create successful businesses. JVZoo operates using a meritocracy approach. They are committed to helping everyone build their business through quality products, generous affiliate commissions, ease of use, innovative new products, extensive free training courses, free project templates, dedicated customer service, solid management teams, transparent …

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16. Target Affiliates

Target Affiliates is a leading performance-based affiliate network in North America, managing affiliate programs for the top brands and retailers. Affiliate marketing is a perfect fit with ecommerce. Research shows that affiliates generate more revenue per click than any other online ad format. In fact, there are only a few other ad formats that can rival its profitability. As affiliates, we’re paid when a website visitor completes a purchase from one of the retailers we promote. Our high conversion rates mean that we get to keep more of that profit, which helps us grow and pay out bigger commissions to our publishers. Affiliate marketing is a relationship based business, and it’s important for an affiliate network to have the right tools and support in place for both sides of the equation — affiliates and advertisers — to succeed. Target Affiliates has an outstanding reputation in the industry, and we’d like to share some of that success with you. We’ve been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in North America for four consecutive years. That’s because we’ve built our affiliate network on three core values: integrity, innovation and intelligence.

17. SkimLinks

SkimLinks is an affiliate marketing program that allows you to create unique, customized affiliate links. As a publisher, you earn a commission whenever someone purchases a product or service through one of your SkimLinks links. Here’s how it works: When a visitor clicks on your customized link, SkimLinks will track that click and determine if the click resulted in a sale. Once the sale occurs, SkimLinks will pay you a commission based on the type of sale made. If you’re using WordPress as your content management system (CMS), here’s a guide on how to install SkimLinks for WordPress. If you’re not using WordPress as your CMS, refer to our general guide. Once installed, all you have to do is paste your personalized links anywhere within text on your site — blog posts, articles or any content with text can be monetized with SkimLinks. You’ll then be credited with any sales that occur from those links.

18. Warrior Plus

Warrior Plus is a digital marketing agency that was started in late 2014. We are an extended family of digital marketers, programmers, designers and writers. Our goal is to provide affordable digital marketing services to all types of businesses around the globe. Our mission is to help small businesses succeed online by providing them with various advertising options at an affordable price. Since our company’s inception, we have helped many businesses achieve their goals by creating eye-catching websites, building a strong social media presence and offering various other digital marketing services tailored to meet your specific needs. We work with clients worldwide and offer them a wide range of cost-effective solutions that are easy to use, trackable and quick to implement. Our team is highly experienced in creating, managing and executing successful marketing campaigns for our clients’ business growth. We created this company because we wanted to share our knowledge with you. All our services are designed to increase your ROI by attracting visitors, increasing leads or sales for your business using the most effective methods available today. We offer several types of services including: Online Marketing Services – Our internet marketing services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM) and more!

19. Peerfly

Peerfly is a global affiliate network, which allows you to earn money by promoting products of various companies. The company has been in the industry for 6 years, so they have a lot of experience in dealing with different kinds of affiliates. They are one of the few affiliate networks that do not restrict their affiliates in any way. For example, you can promote any product at any time of day or night, even if it is adult related or violent content. You can also contact an admin 24/7 whenever you need help. Revenue sharing rate is 30% + 20% bonus for all conversion coming from your link (CPA). No other fees are involved. If you promote a product that has no conversions, you will still receive your revenue share. You can withdraw this money through PayPal or Wire transfer. Promote products from Software, Digital services, dating sites, Adult entertainment, Casino games and many others!  Peerfly provides its members with lots of useful tools including analytical statistics about their campaigns, constant payment tracking system updates and upcoming payouts option too!

20. LinkConnector

LinkConnector can help you get more backlinks and improve your search rankings. LinkConnector is a web service that helps you find sites where you can promote your website and earn money by posting links to it. It’s like the Google Ads of link building. You can register on the site, add your websites and wait for offers from people who want to post links to their sites on yours. The advantage of LinkConnector is that it has a huge selection of websites and niches. Also, the system is hands-free, which means you don’t have to do anything except wait for offers and choose which ones you like best. Another big advantage is that LinkConnector allows you to reject any offer, which will make other people see your profile as closed for new offers, and they won’t waste time sending their proposals to you. This will save a lot of time because LinkConnector shows only the “best” proposals, so most of them are guaranteed to be profitable for you! In short, LinkConnector gives you access to a lot of sites that would otherwise be very hard or impossible for you to reach through conventional promotion techniques.

Choose an affiliate network that has a good number of affiliates working in your niche

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. It’s like an eBay for products you can promote and generate income from. However, this business model does require some work to be done before you can start earning. The first step is to choose a network that will let you promote products and collect commissions. As with any business, choose the one that has the best product and the best reputation in your niche.