My Personal Productivity System

All things are possible through…productivity.

These productivity systems are the ones I personally use to get things done. They’ve been super helpful in getting me from someone who barely finished a task, to someone you can count on to get things done. You’ve probably heard that there isn’t a “silver bullet” for productivity. Quite frankly, that’s true — and while the tools, systems, and techniques we use can help us get more done in less time, no one is going to hand us a recipe for peak performance or a “five simple steps for getting your life together” guide.

When I started my first online business, I knew absolutely nothing about how to run an information marketing business. Sure, I knew about copywriting and how to build money making websites. I had even written articles for other people’s internet products in the past. But creating my own product? Never done it before. One of the things I’m known for is my personal productivity system called TPS Reports (I sell them in the info-products section of this blog).

Being able to call myself a “successful” Internet marketer or “E-preneur” sounds great. However, there are just some things that I have yet to do before I put them under my belt. Google AdSense account with at least $100? Nope, not yet. A Facebook Fan Page with 10,000 fans? Not quite yet. An Amazon Author Central Author Page? Almost, but not quite …

Become more productive by organizing your digital life, so it’s easier to live

Make your life a little less complicated. Organizing from the center outwards leaves the most important updates to the center.

Personal productivity systems are at the core of what I do working online. My system is in many ways inspired by my musical roots in recording studios where I became obsessed with organizing multi-track recordings by BPM in order to make it easier for myself, and others, to find the specific music they wanted to work on. Once you have your music organized in a specific manner, finding the song you are looking for becomes much easier. Likewise, with any sizable library of digital files, or digital life for that matter, having them organized in a way that makes sense to you is essential in helping you navigate your digital life. This type of organization is what I call Digital Organization and is central to any personal productivity system. Digital life is becoming more complex every day. The days of creating an account on a social network, learning how it works, and then using it are long gone. Now there are dozens of social networks out there, commercial platforms with freelancing possibilities, freelancing platforms with networking possibilities, blogging platforms, all with groups or forums where you can get in contact with other people. Digital lifestyle has become an ecosystem which makes it difficult to organize your work online. But don’t worry! I’m here to help you solve that problem!

The four areas you need to organize

Productivity is a big buzzword among bloggers and webmasters these days. But how do you really improve your productivity? Sometimes it’s easy, and other times it’s much more complicated than we expect. I’ve been working on my own productivity system for the last two months and now feel like I have a much better view on what needs to be done and when. This has led to much more organized day-to-day work and just an overall better way of living.

Organize your tasks by priority

To organize your day, organize your tasks by their priority.

Have you been slacking off with the personal side of things? Are you a hard worker who just can’t figure out how to balance life, work and play? Are you spending so much time procrastinating that you have no idea where it went? Are there so many tasks waiting to be done that you have no idea where to start? Are all those productivity tools meant to help you to get nothing more than lost in your digital world? Sometimes, it’s not that we don’t know what we need to do; it’s that we don’t do what we know.

List your 10 most important tasks

When you get started with a productivity system, it can be hard to know what to do next. Having a plan and organizing your thoughts is essential for staying motivated in the beginning. My personal system was developed by me for me. It’s a way of streamlining my digital life in a way that works around my lifestyle. This article will show you the four areas you need to organize and how to set up your list of 10 important tasks.

Turn time wasters into time savers

Personal Productivity: For years, I diligently tried to be more productive, but it never stuck. At all. It was frustrating, and I didn’t know where to start. I eventually changed my mindset by organizing my digital life, so it’s easier to live. It was such a successful transformation that I decided to create My Personal Productivity System as a resource for other digital nomads or those wanting to achieve more.

List your 5 favorite websites/blogs/books

We all have our favorite sites that we would like to share. If you’re like me, I like to follow a lot of sites and blogs and find the best and the most interesting articles and posts. And I would like to share them with you! That’s why I invite you to write a blog post on the topic: “What are your 5 favorite websites/blogs/books?”

Best places to keep your calendar

Never miss a thing by adding these three best places to your calendar 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫👱‍🌾📅 😎

Have you ever wondered, how do successful bloggers do it all? How are they capable of writing new blog posts every day, while still keeping their businesses moving forward. The simple answer is they are using a personal productivity system. Using a personal productivity system is pretty much the opposite of just doing things in chaos or without any organization or planning. A perfect example of the opposite is me. I really don’t have an organized way in which I manage my tasks and projects in my everyday life. I’m constantly wasting time with unproductive activities. For this reason, I finally decided to take control of my life and start using my own personal productivity system to help me get more things accomplished faster than ever before! A productivity system is essential if you’re looking to improve your personal and professional life. Sure, you can work around your lack of organization and productivity, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a plan of action to follow?

The digital age has made it even easier to keep your life and personal productivity in check. With calendars and task management apps and plugin everywhere, and the ability to sync them all, you can literally have your day planned out from waking up to going to bed. With that said, I’m sure you already have 4 different calendar plugins doing just that. And you have yet another task management app for your blogging, business, personal life, etc. There are just so many systems out there which can really mess with your productivity if not done properly.

Three great tools I use

I get a lot of questions via email, forum PMs, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, etc about how to optimize your personal productivity system. I get it. It’s overwhelming. There are so many systems, hacks, tips and tricks out there that it can feel impossible to know where to start if you’re struggling with organization or time management. The thing is, there are so many different motivations for why people seek out information on “productivity” tips. Some people think they don’t have time for being more productive because they have kids or elderly parents or pets or other responsibilities that require their attention each day. Others wonder how to organize all the competing demands on their time into something that allows them freedom to pursue their passion projects while still getting there. We all want to be more productive and use our time as well as possible. The problem is that we often forget to follow through on everything we plan to do. Sure, we implement a few things such as Google Calendar or Todoist to aid us with this struggle … but don’t you want a complete strategy which you can use for … say … the rest of your life? It would make life a lot easier, right?

Practical tips for becoming more productive

Become more productive in various ways and in various aspects of your life. From how to organize your digital life, where to put all your information and how to be more efficient when doing these things, to the physical productivity side of things such as working out efficiently and how to deal with distractions.

On a mission to turn my digital life into a well-oiled productivity machine, I came up with a system to help me and hopefully you too.

Productivity is a big issue for most people. In this guide, I’m going to share with you every tool that I use to manage my life and get more things done. I’ll show you how to organize your digital life, from apps to services to software suites. From other people’s recommendations to my own test results, everything should be included in this comprehensive guidebook.

Here’s how I organize my own digital life. Hopefully you’ll find something’s that work for you as well

I organize my own online existence to make things easier. See, it’s simple if you know the rules!

I have a confession to make. For years, I played this “E-mail game” where I’d leave all my email inboxes (personal and business) completely empty because it felt like I was experiencing great focus. Going through the motions of checking trivial non-productive things like Facebook, Reddit, watching YouTube videos, even adding things to shopping carts on Amazon was not something I would do if my inboxes were empty. It wasn’t until I reread Getting Things Done (GTD by David Allen) that I realized I was doing the opposite of what this system teaches because I had trained myself to treat emails as tasks. If an email requires action…it requires action. That means every one of the emails you receive becomes something…anything. I thought about writing this blog post for over a year. It seems kind of weird to write about my Dropbox, Evernote, etc. I don’t think it’s ever been documented before. But I don’t really care. The world doesn’t need another blog post on productivity or techniques to make you look professional or any of that claptrap. I don’t know why I even use the word “claptrap” but it seemed appropriate here.

On my phone

Everything flows from my environment. Any changes to my environment tend to create change in me. I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to keep track of all my stuff, and have been pleased to find a few solutions that work for me. One is a tool called Evernote, which acts as a central location for notes, checklists, etc., and syncs with other devices that I have it installed on, so I can always access my stuff. Another helpful tool is the iPhone, but there are a few other things I have going on there too…

For those who use a smartphone, I recommend Microsoft’s OneNote. It provides a handy quick-note option at the top of your screen that also allows you to take notes throughout the day.

On my computer and tablet

I’ve got a lot of digital stuff that I want to keep track of. So I started by building custom things that worked best for me. And then I decided to share them with others, because other people have maybe similar needs, or are just looking for some help getting their own systems in place. My 2 main productivity systems are this Personal Productivity System and this Task & Time Management System. You can see more about them on my product site. To be honest, I’m a little obsessed with organizing my digital life. This started as a challenge because as a consultant traveling the world by myself, I felt it was important to keep organized. In addition to helping me stay organized, there are also heaps of benefits, including:

The physical products I use

When it comes to productivity, a lot of people think that a task management app is the most important. After all, how can you juggle your day-to-day tasks without one? But I don’t use a task manager. Instead, I use a blend of different services and physical products. These allow me to get organized and stay structured on a daily basis. Here are some of them: Evernote – I use this app to take meeting notes, record business ideas, store contact info, saving invoices and the like. It’s free on both iOS and Google play. Evernote also has a desktop app if you’d rather use your computer to take notes.

A little about me: I’m an information junkie. I like reading, video, audio and all the different ways of consuming information that come along with those media types. To keep track of all those consumable forms of information, I find myself using a lot of technology to share, sort and store it all. And, frankly, technology also helps me with time management.

Over the last few years, I’ve found a couple of tools that simply work. One resource I use every day is Action Method. I use Action Method to send out monthly newsletters, as well as to plan and organize all my freelance work. Action Method also has a powerful Blog Tool, and Email Tool.