Sell Them these Apps to be More Productive

Here are 7 incredible apps that will help you get more things DONE.

If you’re like the rest of the world, you use technology to become more productive. Whether that means staying in touch with your team, creating content, or project managing — we do it all digitally. Instead of texting and walking (or running into people and animals), we now walk and text or run and text (I guess that doesn’t make sense now, does it?). It’s really not a bad thing, though. And now you can be even more productive with these seven apps I personally use to make my life easier.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your day, it helps to look at what successful people use in their personal lives. Below are seven apps that can help you become more productive in your day-to-day life.

Do you know the simple tricks that can make you more productive?
We use our smartphone for almost everything these days, but often it’s not quite as smart as we are. This is why it helps to have some apps at hand which will help you be more productive.
Selling apps, however, can be tricky if you don’t know how to do it correctly. Many people find themselves unable to sell their apps or give up because they don’t know what to expect.

Calendar App

Let’s face it, if you’re anything like me, your email inbox is overflowing with tasks, to-dos, ideas, notes, and other random bits of data. A good way to organize all of this is to use a calendar app. Calendars are great tools for scheduling events and activities, so you have better focus on what is most important. This blog post will talk about some of the most popular calendar apps. It also includes two great tools, so you can convert spreadsheets into calendars.

There are many calendar apps for the iPhone, but the two that I like best are Fantastical and Google Calendar.
If you’re a heavy calendar user, you can’t go wrong with either of these apps. They’re both smart enough to understand the difference between a dinner date with friends and a dinner meeting at work, or a haircut appointment and an actual haircut. They also ask you to pick your favorite calendar app, so they can sync with it. Since I’m a Google Apps team member, I’m happy to see that Gmail is included as an option.
The biggest difference is in how they look and feel. I prefer Fantastical’s interface — it’s sleek and easy to navigate. It’s also available for both iPhone and iPad.
Google Calendar has its own strengths: It integrates with Google Docs, offers a handy month view, and can sync multiple calendars from different accounts into one place. If you use Android devices too, it also syncs nicely with your phone’s built-in calendar app.

Pomodoro App

The Pomodoro Technique is a simple way to increase your productivity and make sure you’re well rested. Let’s get started!

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, student, or employee, everyone could use help in the area of time management. How many times have you sat at your desk in front of your computer for hours on end with no real idea of how much time has passed? A lot I bet… AND that’s only if you’re working alone. It gets even worse when working with team members. This is where the Pomodoro app comes in handy.

Bored? Anxious? Chances are, you need to work more efficiently.
In the era of smartphones and multiple tabs, it’s easy to find yourself with a million distractions. Even worse is when you try to work through the distractions. It’s even worse when you get distracted by a distraction from a distraction from a distraction.
I’ve tried to be productive in the past, but always found myself falling short of my goals. I’d start out strong, but inevitably I’d get distracted and lose focus. Sometimes it was good distractions (like checking social media), but other times it was bad distractions (like checking email). If I was lucky, I’d stumble back onto my original task at hand.
The Pomodoro app is based on time management techniques created by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The basic idea is that you work for 25 minutes, then take a 5-minute break before repeating the cycle. If your brain needs that extra pep for focus, set it for 30 minutes of work followed by a 3-minute break.
You’ll never be able to eliminate all distractions, but you can control your response to them.

Stay Focus App

“Stayfocus is the ultimate productivity app, thought to help you improve your own productivity.” So what does it do? The app focuses on two main features. First, it monitors your time spent on your computer, counting how much time is spent per website. It also keeps you away from inappropriate content. You can back up or delete websites that are blocked by default, or choose to block some yourself.

Productivity is a serious matter. The more productive you are, the more you get done. The more you get done, the better you feel. The better you feel, the more productive you can be.
It’s a vicious cycle that leads to an awesome life.
The problem is that there are a million distractions vying for our attention all day long. Social media updates, text messages and email alerts pour in from every which way. It’s simply not possible to stay focused on one thing for any length of time.
Is there hope? Is there a way to get things done without abandoning technology altogether? Of course there is!
The following apps will help curb your distractibility and help you focus on what matters most:
Stay Focus App (Free)  – This app can block out distracting websites like Facebook or YouTube for up to eight hours at a time (assuming you don’t log in through another browser). You can also set up quick breaks throughout your day so that your sanity doesn’t go down the drain. Self Control (Free) – If eight hours is too much, this app can block distractions for 15 or 30 minutes at a time. Blocking sites is as simple as entering their web address once and then never again having to think about

Rescue Time App

Rescue Time App is well-known to me, it’s one of the best ones I have ever come across. It does help me stay away from watching too much TV or long periods on social media sites. It also helps me to be more productive with my working time because I can manage it properly.

There are a lot of different apps out there that will help you be more productive. My favorite time tracking app is Rescue Time. It’s a great way to see where you spend your time while you’re working on your computer.
It’s a really easy way to see how much time you’re spending on certain websites, applications, and activities. I use it to keep track of how much time I spend on Reddit and Facebook, because if I’m being honest, I probably spend too much time on Reddit and Facebook. If you want to get your life back from these addicting websites, Rescue Time will definitely help.
I really like the reporting features in the app because they give you a visual breakdown of how you’ve spent your time throughout the day. You can also set goals for yourself and get notifications when you approach them.
Rescue Time is a subscription service that costs $9/month or $72/year, but if you use this link, you’ll get two free months. It’s worth every penny in my opinion.

Habit Forge App

Habit Forge App Review If you are looking for an app that will help you be more productive, check out Habit Forge. It is a habit-forming app that gives you the ability to create positive habits. Plus, the app has a lot of motivation strategies to help users succeed. Let’s take a look at if it is worth the download or not.

Are you looking for the right app to help you do more? Then this article is for you. The following apps will help you become more productive, especially if you are working on an online business.
The first app is called Habit Forge App. It is designed to help people build good habits. It was created by entrepreneur James Clear. The app has personal accountability at its core because it allows every user to create specific goals, so they can improve their lives. It also offers support and motivation via e-mail and social media updates.
The second app is called RescueTime App. This app allows users to control how they spend their time, both online and offline. It tracks their work habits, Internet usage, and social media habits so that they can see how each one affects their overall productivity.
The third app is called Noisli App. This app helps users stay focused when they are working on projects by creating ambient sounds that are specially designed for concentration. 
These three apps can be quite useful for anyone who needs a little of extra help to stay organized and motivated while working on a project or an important task.

From Now App

Is more productivity on your list? We know it is!! These are the apps that will help you get more done in less time… more of that sweet me-time! Now keep in mind that these are not necessarily “business” related apps, but are all general life improvement apps.

It can be difficult to stay productive when you’re constantly checking social media or your email. The constant distractions can lead to a lot of wasted time.
An app called “From Now” might be the solution you need. It’s a free app for Android and iOS devices that blocks any distracting sites for a certain amount of time. It also comes with productivity tools to help you focus on your work.

Evernote App

Evernote App is one of the most popular apps out there for the iPhone, iPad and Android. Millions of people use this app to help them organize their desktop, laptop and smartphone. We all know how hard it is to keep track of everything that’s coming in and going out of our lives. By using one Evernote App, you can save web content to your Evernote account whether you’re at your computer or on your Blackberry.

The Evernote app is your best friend if you are looking to be more productive. This app offers a number of things including note-taking, to-do lists, file storage and even voice dictation. Anytime you have an idea or something you want to remember, such as a list of groceries you need to pick up at the store, all you have to do is open the app and write it down.
For many people, writing things down on paper helps them remember better than typing on a computer screen. Evernote has taken this concept and streamlined it for the 21st century. All the notes and reminders you write in this app will be stored online and available from any device that is connected to the Internet.
You can also share these notes with other people who also use the Evernote app. This lets everyone stay on top of things by keeping each other updated on their notes and tasks.
Evernote is free to download and use, but does offer paid subscription options for additional features such as more storage space and additional features called “Evernote Premium.”

Being productive is about more than the hours you put in. Start with these 7 apps and branch out from there

These 7 apps will change your life for the better 🙌🏼

Productivity is a long-term endeavor. It requires sustained commitment and discipline that works with your natural habits and style. To help, we’ve put together a list of seven apps that will push you to become more productive and build good work habits.

Productivity is a major buzzword these days.
To some people, it’s a great excuse for doing less work and more play. For others, it’s a way to get more done in less time. For many of us, though, it’s a combination of both – more productivity = more free time.
The apps listed below are designed to help you be as productive as possible by automating as much as they can, so you can focus on what you need to do instead of wasting your time on tedious tasks.


Start using Apps to make yourself more productive  in your  work and  life.  Productivity  is a  critical skill  for a  successful freelancer or entrepreneur!