How To Create A Blog That Gets 1000+ Readers Per Day

As you can see, the blog owners need to know how to use Instagram captions that are relevant, catchy, but most importantly, will attract readers. 

WordPress is the most popular platform for blogs. There’s a reason for that: it’s easy to use, and there are themes and plugins out there which do all the works for you. But, if you want to succeed as a blogger, then you need to master your WordPress blog. No matter what topic you blog about because if it’s not profitable, then you will never cash in on it. It doesn’t matter if your blog is getting 100s of readers per day, as long as it isn’t making any money.

Ah, blogging. One of the nicest things you can do in your free time is to blog. You can talk about any topic under the sun, and thousands are reading your views every single day. Blogging has always helped me in keeping my brain active when it comes to writing, when it comes to crafting stories, and when it comes to getting my thoughts somewhere where they can be accessed by friends or family for years to come.

Get rid of all distractions

Before you get started, you need to get rid of all distractions, so that you can focus on the task at hand. That means turning off your phone, computer, and any other electronic device that could potentially interrupt your thought process. This is crucial if you want to get your blog up and running in a timely manner. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself spending more time trying to get back into the flow of things than actually working on your blog.
A great way to cut out distractions is by working in coffee shops or other places where there are people around. The chatter will help keep your mind occupied while you work, which will lead to higher productivity in the long run.
Consider starting a blog in the early morning
If you work better in the morning, then consider starting your blog in the early morning hours, when there’s no one else around (besides the barista) and you can focus all of your attention on creating content for your audience.
You don’t have to work alone
It’s okay to ask for help when it comes to getting started with blogging. You can either turn to friends or family members for advice, or hire an expert to give you some pointers (and possibly even design your site).
Blogging doesn’t have to cost a lot

Step 1: Find a profitable niche to blog about

The best (and most foolproof) method is to give yourself the creative freedom to explore topics that truly grab your attention. Since you generally write about subjects you already love, your posts are more likely to resonate with your followers.

A few years ago, I was a broke college student. I had a part-time job, but it barely paid the bills. I was looking for ways to make some extra cash, so I could get a new laptop and a new pair of shoes.
You probably know how it goes… You want something, so you try to think of ways to get it.
That’s when it hit me: Why not start a blog?
There are millions of blogs on the net, but most of them aren’t making much money.
I wanted to start a blog that would make an income, and that’s how I ended up in this niche!
I’m sure you’ve heard all about blogging and how people can make thousands of dollars from their blogs. But here’s the cold, hard truth: There is no easy way to make money from blogging. Blogging is hard work and will take a lot of time and effort.
So why bother starting a blog?
Well, if you’re like me, you just want to do something cool with your life. And blogging is cool! It’s fun and exciting…and even profitable!
But how do you find your niche? How do you know if your idea will work?
The secret lies in finding a profitable

Step 2: Create your blog’s look, feel, and content strategy

After you’ve chosen a niche, mapped out your topic ideas, and decided what niches you want to target, you need to start branding your blog.
The first place to start is your blog’s look. Your blog’s look is the overall design of the blog – from the color scheme, fonts, header, logo, and everything else that makes up the overall design.
I recommend spending at least a few days brainstorming different blog designs and choosing the one that you feel is most appealing.
Here are some tips for creating a unique blog design:
Keep it simple : The simpler your design, the easier it will be to maintain later on. You can always add more features or content later on if you think you need them.
Don’t copy someone else’s style : Don’t just go with a pre-made blog template because it looks cool or is popular. Create your own style by using shapes and colors that best represent your niche or business. This will help you develop a unique brand identity for your blog.
Show off your personality : Your blog’s design should reflect your personality in some way. If you’re super serious about  your niche, add a dark background with neutral colors that shows off this seriousness. If you’re fun and outgoing

How to set up your blog's look, feel, and content strategy - Blogging Tips

Step 3: Get your first 100 subscribers without spending too much time or money

Getting 100 subscribers is the hardest part of starting a blog. It usually takes a lot of time and money to get that first 100 subscribers.
Get Your First 100 Subscribers Without Spending Too Much Time Or Money
Once you have your blog set up, start a free giveaway with a popular giveaway site like Goodie Bag or Rafflecopter.
Here’s a screenshot of the strategy I’m using right now:
I’m currently giving away an iPad Mini. I paid $200 for it, and I’ll be giving it away to one lucky winner who subscribes to my blog.
There are two reasons why this is such a good marketing strategy:
1) You can give away expensive products or services without actually spending any money on them yourself.
2) The more subscribers you get, the more likely someone is going to win your prize. And when they do, you’ll get their email address and be able to sell them stuff and promote affiliate offers down the line.
Here’s what my opt-in rate looks like:
I’ve gotten over 8,000 people to subscribe to my blog in just 48 hours by doing this! That means every single day, I’m getting 20+ new subscribers for free (the average person unsubscribes after 2

Step 4: Attract an even larger audience with value added content

Newbies often get stuck at this stage, because they get their blog up and running, but then they run out of content to add.
With your readership growing (which it should be if you’re doing everything correctly), you need to make sure that you are giving them more content on a regular basis. You can do this by doing some simple things like:
Creating an email list that will alert subscribers when you’ve added new content to your blog;
Creating an opt-in form at the end of each of your blog posts;
Creating more blog posts! Once people start reading your blog, they’ll want more. And the best way to give it to them is creating even more content on a regular basis.
There are also many other ways in which you can attract even more traffic to your site, but these are some of the best methods for attracting new users who are looking for answers to their questions.

Step 5: Focus on building trust with your readers

Merely advertising your products, while it might generate sales, is not enough. Your ultimate goal should be to build trust with your readers.
So how do you do that?
Be transparent about who you are and what your product is about. Don’t hide your identity behind a pen name or brand. If there’s something in your past that will make people think twice about doing business with you, then tell them about it before they find out on their own. If you’ve made mistakes but learned from them, let people know.
And don’t be afraid to show vulnerability. People are far more likely to buy from someone who they think is human rather than an automaton. Someone who shows vulnerability can be trusted because it suggests that they are honest and have nothing to hide.
Step 6: Be prepared to work hard at building an audience
You can’t just write a blog post and expect 2,000 people to show up the next day. You need to work at building your audience by being consistent in producing great content, interacting with your audience and making sure that you’re hitting all the right notes with them.
As I said earlier, this process takes time. Don’t expect massive traffic immediately after publishing a few posts. It will take time.

Step 6: Earn enough revenue from ads to either quit your job or create a passive income stream!

There are many ways to make money with a blog. You can do paid reviews, paid guest posts, or affiliate marketing. 
What I do is different in that I sell banner ads on my blog.  I personally don’t like ads in my content.  Therefore, my strategy is to sell banner space that lines the sidebars of my blog pages.  I don’t have any ads in my content, which means readers can read my content without being distracted by annoying ads.
Ads are sold through Google’s AdSense program.    This is an easy program to join, and you can start earning money right away.
So let’s say you have a travel or cooking blog, and you write 20 articles per month with 1 ad per page, you will earn $104 per month from your blog ($2/page x 20 pages)
And it doesn’t stop there…
If your blog gets good enough traffic, Google will raise your ad rates! And if you contact Google directly about higher rates, they will give them to you! So imagine you are making $10/month from each page of your website… If your traffic increases, your rate will increase, being charged more for each page view!