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At many banks, a loan often takes a long time. Since all documents are laboriously checked and in case of doubt the loan is then rejected. The customer who absolutely needs a new car has to look for a new financing option after a negative decision. A particular problem is the rejection because of a negative Credit Bureau entry. In such a case, there are ways to get instant credit without Credit Bureau .

A negative Credit Bureau entry is becoming a problem more and more

A negative Credit Bureau entry is becoming a problem more and more

Every credit institution is of course interested in getting their money back within the specified framework. For this reason, it is only understandable that the bank wants to collect as much information as possible about the borrower. Credit Bureau has set itself the task of collecting financial data and making it available to companies and banks so that they can be sure that they will get their money back.

The customer receives a negative credit entry not only if he has not paid a loan installment, but also for unpaid cell phone bills or other liabilities that have remained open for whatever reason. Many banks automatically reject a loan with a negative Credit Bureau entry, other banks decide on a case-by-case basis. So it doesn’t mean that every bank automatically rejects the loan application.

The internet has more options

The internet has more options

Searching for lightning credits on the Internet without Credit Bureau information offers several advantages. First of all, the offer is larger and the borrower can choose the cheapest loan from many offers. In addition, the Internet knows no national borders, so it is no trouble at all to take out a loan from a Swiss bank.

Such banks then also provide lightning credits without Credit Bureau information. First of all, however, it is important for the borrower to know exactly what the burden is. For this purpose, each credit page usually offers a practical calculator that can be used to calculate the monthly charge at a specific interest rate and a specified term.

If the decision for a particular provider has been made, the proof of earnings (usually of the last two months) must be submitted. It is also important to provide a self-assessment and a valid ID card is still required.

When the documents are ready, the application is often decided within 24 hours and the money will be in the account very soon. Lightning loans without Credit Bureau information naturally represent a greater risk for the institute and for this reason such a loan also costs more interest, and the amount is also limited to 3500 USD.

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